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  The Times to Put your Credit Card Away Financial management is not a subject taught at school or even at college. Some people learn the hard way and find themselves in debt without really realizing it was happening. Credit cards are one of the things that cause trouble at any stage of life. At [...]

Easy and Fast Ways to Save Money on Your Car Cars are mostly seen as sunk costs. Monthly car payments, repair bills and insurance premiums are not recouped in direct ways. However, cars are leverage to improve our lives in many ways. Our employment and social options may each increase with a vehicle. Taking several [...]

Finding Holiday Deals The holidays can be a super happy yet stressful time of the year.  It’s a balance of finding your holiday spirit and not losing your mind over extra expenses like gift-giving.  Here are some tips to find some great holiday gift deals no matter who you have in mind. Holiday gifts can [...]

Discovering the exotic, locally If you want to experience the exotic flavours of the world, many would argue that you need to travel there. Yet, in this day and age, that isn’t always possible since money and real world troubles always stop us from exploring our culinary dreams. However, this modern age also means that [...]

Enjoying a Responsible Gaming Environment Being able to find something that helps you relax after a long day at work is incredibly important to living a happy and fulfilling life. Be it playing football for a five a side team each week or making something using arts and crafts, as long as it make you [...]

There’s been some juicy stuff going on around here. To celebrate the start of another school year, the College Money Network has decided to throw a giveaway with over $200 worth of prizes up for grabs. Here’s your chance to win a 4GB iPod Nano, cash and more. So let’s get to the good stuff [...]

Sunday Snoozin’

It’s a lazy snoozin’ Sunday, as well as time to spread some link love! Here are some features this week from The College Money Network: This Writer’s Wallet shares her view on why job hunting and dating both stink, a premise I can certainly sympathize with! Stephanie at Poorer Than You proudly shows off her new [...]

Global Warming Dire A bleak future for our planet is being direly warned. Global warming is much more serious than previously predicted – research now shows that tragic devastation that once was predicted as ‘likely’ to occur is now ‘almost certain’ to occur this century, The Guardian reports. A new report by the Intergovernmental Panel [...]

Millionaire Student Produces New Idea Clever and wiley Englishman Alex Tew is at it again. Famed for his brilliantly simple Million Dollar Homepage experiment, which made him a bonafide millionaire at 21 while struggling with the cost of college, Alex is now brainstorming new schemes to generate wealth. He has recently introduced Pixelotto and this [...]

A Look At Student Life

University students reveal their plans for work, travel, graduate study and marriage

It’s a period of high stress as the fall semester rattles to an end and finals loom ominously closer. I felt it would be interesting to capture a glimpse of what some seniors were planning after graduation. I set out to interview sixteen university students across the nation to pose questions regarding plans for work, travel, continued education and marriage.