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The secret to student cleanliness: How to keep teenagers’ rooms under control A constant and challenging bone of contention between parents and teenage offspring is that of maintaining a tidy bedroom. As a parent, you may be blessed with a child who keeps their bedroom under control. Chances are, however, that like many others the [...]

I love Christmas, with the glistening lights and fallen snow blanketing everything. Cookies and gingerbread houses. Eggnog and hearty laughs with family over delicious spreads of food. Rampant consumerism, however, is not very kind to my wallet. So here are some frugal ways I will be celebrating Christmas and ushering in the New Year without [...]

This year I’ve decided to try a different approach by forgoing resolutions and instead creating mini-projects scattered throughout the year. My first mini-task presented itself with screaming clarity when I opened up my closet last night. How had I managed to squeeze so much crap in such a tiny area?? I poked my head into [...]

The first steps to wealth accumulation blossomed when I was five years old. “Daddy?” I inquired as my tiny fist wrapped around the sleek shiny morsels placed in my palm. “What would happen if I save all these and never ever EVER spent a penny of it?” My father’s eyes crinkled in amusement as his mouth [...]

When my gym membership came up for renewal this summer, I realized I was missing out on a lot of opportunities to exercise simply because it was difficult to squish a good hour-long session into my hectic schedule early enough before the gym closed. I love the atmosphere at the gym; all the various cardio [...]

It pays to put your best face forward … … ‘cause no one enjoys a sour puss! Have you ever encountered those poor souls who always seem miserable and glide through life with a perpetual scowl frozen in place? Life is hard and boy do their wretched and sourful expressions never neglect to reflect it! One [...]

One of my goals this year has been to gradually move away from heavily processed fast food and toward more quality nutrition. This was certainly not easy since I’m usually pretty helpless in the kitchen – just ask my boyfriend who watched in horror as I nearly took my finger out of commission while trying to crack open a dinner roll. But [...]

Lookin’ like a million dollars, even on a broke-ass budget For me, beauty has always been a special type of spiritual elevation – a powerful radiation from the inside out that shines through in the joy we feel in our hearts and by unlocking the passion in our souls. Beauty encapsulates not only the physical, but possesses the mental [...]

A financial update. Oh baby, how far we’ve come While rummaging through some older posts here on Broke-Ass, I stumbled across a lot of stuff I’d forgotten about. A post from last year showed how I’d gone from $0 in savings in January 2007 to $1,000 in savings four months later (see Surviving Paycheck to Paycheck? You [...]

Developing a More Conscious Lifestyle During the chaotic nature of life, it’s easy to become distracted and engulfed in day-to-day affairs. Every once in a while I feel a need to suspend all the buzz swirling around me and find a private sanctuary to curl up in for quiet contemplation. Finances may feel important, but [...]

Believe it or not, your blossoming network is sitting right under your nose. In my last article, I reiterated the importance of enriching your life through networking and giving. But how does one go about assembling and sustaining a kick ass network? The opportunity for meeting new people literally surrounds us every day. First and foremost, we need to be receptive [...]

It’s a secret that most self-made millionaires all ready know. In fact, no successful person ever clawed their way to the top alone. So what is the elusive secret to their abundant success? Remember, truth is almost always simple. And you may be surprised to learn how simple their secret really is. It’s a concept that can benefit [...]

A List of Aspirations In the midst of my feverish cleaning (ahem), I stumbled across a forlorn journal abandoned years ago. Taking advantage of an opportunity to discontinue work for a moment, I plopped down onto some tattered pillows and curiously thumbed through its content. A particular entry I wrote in Copenhagen, Denmark caught my eye. THURSDAY – 02.19.04 6:25 PM [...]

.. Ho hum .. Today on my day off, I’ve designated myself the incredibly boring task of scrubbing my room clean. I still have so much *crap* laying around it’s unbelievable. One of my main goals for the month of March is to seriously declutter my living area to eliminate as many distractions as possible. I also got sticky [...]

Baby step #12 – Concentrate refocusing energy on current blessings and wealth, as opposed to breeding negativity by focusing on what you believe you lack. When one continually feels a certain way, they believe it and consequently create a reality for themselves. I can’t do it. It’s too difficult. I’m not sure. I’ll never be [...]

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