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I love Christmas, with the glistening lights and fallen snow blanketing everything. Cookies and gingerbread houses. Eggnog and hearty laughs with family over delicious spreads of food. Rampant consumerism, however, is not very kind to my wallet. So here are some frugal ways I will be celebrating Christmas and ushering in the New Year without [...]

Our electricity keeps pulsing on and off and I’m tapping away on a tiny battery-powered notebook keypad while rifling through weather updates on the web. An earlier report had issued a possible tornado watch in a county a bit south of here. A tornado! One passed over us two weeks ago. That day was wet [...]

It’s one of those dark flat nights where sirens zip through the streets / turn down some back road and the dry winds burst through the blinds; yet it’s muggy and suffocating and I’m insufferably exhausted. A bowl of stale Cheerios is perched on the edge of my desk, spoon propped on the rim in [...]

“You look pale.” My boss leaned over the computer terminal to examine my face. “My daughter says pale is the new ‘In’.” I looked pale? I felt worn out; like a whole entourage of clients had squashed out my innards. Work was hectic, more than usual, and the anxiety apparently was flushing out my features. [...]

After enduring a morning of cleaning yesterday, I abandoned my domestic duties when Matt arrived so I could whisk us to (hopefully) livelier terrain. Because I needed to GET OUT! and so, in a rather dazed sweaty state, into the car we tumbled. We were on a quest. An adventure of the open road. (I [...]

Get home from work, slap peanut butter on a spongy slice of bread and scour the web for intellectual crumbs to jab into my mushy brain. Then realize I’d rather be left alone with my monsters; their stale, sunken eyes are trying not to feel anything on demand. Been writing exclusively in a journal lately [...]

Another storm rolled through last night except this one only dropped meek dustings of rain. I’m waaay overtired. Why is it whenever my body politely requests sleep, my mind jerks awake? I’ve just finished a late shift at work and am now happily playing couch potato/ dipping the final glob of chicken from my Lean [...]

Rubbing tired, weary eyes; we’ve prevailed through another storm. These savage bursts of lightning are losing their dreamy luster and the anguish flashes in my little pup’s eyes as he pointedly informs me he’d rather snooze in the basement tonight. I sigh and take the last sip from a mug of tea, savoring the sharp [...]

Talk about feeling like an intense snow bunny again. We’re getting quite an accumulation in western New York. Well, at least this blustery weather gives me the perfect excuse to cancel my evening activities and catch up on some cleaning. There’s only so much kitten fur a girl can take. I’ve cracked out the vacuum [...]

Almost! I’m still grappling with this cold from hell. One day I feel fine and on the road to recovery – until the usual stuffiness and feverishness settles in again at night and wishes me a hearty ‘harro!’ Whatever this bugger is, it sure is clingy! On top of everything, work has been extremely hectic. [...]

This morning I was greeted with a viselike grip around my throat and a stuffy nose. Ugh. And last night I woke up multiple times feeling flushed and delirious. I hate being sick :’( Snuggled in a checkered fleece blanket, I heated up the tea kettle and sniffled my way over to the sofa for [...]

Last month I realized I should probably upgrade my site to the newest version of WordPress since two years and zero upgrades definitely screamed for attention.  But I’m a complete techie newb and the thought of CHMODs or SQL gives me heart palpitations. One snowy afternoon (was I drunk?), I mustered up courage and decided [...]

With the financial global crisis unwinding in epic proportions, I’ve been generally sitting things out and quietly observing. However I fear the worst is far from over as this monster unravels in ripples, and unfortunately feel we are nowhere near the eye of the storm yet.  And as is key with any crisis, what’s imperative [...]

As this wraps up here, I really enjoyed reading through all of your comments and learning about each of you this week. Now if only I could snag enough laptops for everyone who contributed to our discussion. But there can only be one Grand Prize Winner, and the results are now in! Congratulations to Zack, [...]

Yay, I’m so excited!! All right guys, tonight will kickstart my official “HP Freshman 15″ Hewlett Packard Laptop Giveaway.  This fabulous prize comes fully loaded and will be given to one lucky participant on October 5th. This Broke-Ass Prize Package includes; HP Pavilion dv7t series notebook HP xb4 Media Docking Station HP 500GB Pocket Media [...]

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