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It pays to put your best face forward … … ‘cause no one enjoys a sour puss! Have you ever encountered those poor souls who always seem miserable and glide through life with a perpetual scowl frozen in place? Life is hard and boy do their wretched and sourful expressions never neglect to reflect it! One [...]

Developing a More Conscious Lifestyle During the chaotic nature of life, it’s easy to become distracted and engulfed in day-to-day affairs. Every once in a while I feel a need to suspend all the buzz swirling around me and find a private sanctuary to curl up in for quiet contemplation. Finances may feel important, but [...]

Millionaire Mommy Next Door poses an excellent question of Can Money Make You Happy? on her personal blog today. Here is my response to her. Hi Mommy Millionaire! There can be a deep correlation between happiness and money. Money has the potential to make us happy through the freedom it provides. It can extend our impact on [...]

Believe it or not, your blossoming network is sitting right under your nose. In my last article, I reiterated the importance of enriching your life through networking and giving. But how does one go about assembling and sustaining a kick ass network? The opportunity for meeting new people literally surrounds us every day. First and foremost, we need to be receptive [...]

It’s a secret that most self-made millionaires all ready know. In fact, no successful person ever clawed their way to the top alone. So what is the elusive secret to their abundant success? Remember, truth is almost always simple. And you may be surprised to learn how simple their secret really is. It’s a concept that can benefit [...]

“If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!” (an old Zen saying) In between tearing my home apart (it somewhat resembles a dignified, civil, living habitat again) and administering placement tests to incoming college students at work, I’ve been struggling to rope in needless spending in order to gain a stronger financial foothold. However, [...]

During a high-stress week of final exams, I stumbled across this video last night and couldn’t help but laugh. Only in Copenhagen. The Danish Road Safety Council has found an innovative new way to draw attention to speed signs and speed limits in Denmark. According to the campaign, “Despite a decrease in speed violations, 7 [...]

Baby  Step #5 – Simple techniques can go a long way in improving overall happiness. It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Recent research is challenging the notion that attaining happiness is a futile pursuit.  In fact, some relatively simple steps have resulted in excellent long-term results and decreased depressive qualities. Here’s a quick  snippet; "Happiness [...]