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Work has been kicking my butt hardcore so I haven’t found time to post a financial update lately – although if you check my right sidebar, I’m down to $5,900 in distress debt – that’s $5,100 knocked off in the past six months. Yay me!! Some Tidbits From Around the Web The 2009 Carnival of [...]

Today I threw another $1,000 toward my debt and it feels incredible! Last year I would never have imagined making as much headway on my bills as I have this summer, and it’s been extremely encouraging. The challenging part is sacrificing in order to stash away as much of my paycheck as possible, instead of [...]

I.O.U.S.A. Official Website Panelists Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway; William Niskanen, chairman of the CATO Institute; Bill Novelli, CEO of AARP; Pete Peterson, senior chairman of The Blackstone Group and chairman of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation; and Dave Walker, president & CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and former U.S. Comptroller General [...]

“We’re not just going to see mid-sized banks go under in the next few months, we’re going to see a whopper, we’re going to see a big one, one of the big investment banks or big banks,” says Kenneth Rogoff, who is an economics professor at Harvard University and was the International Monetary Fund’s chief [...]

A new frugality could remake the U.S. economy—and American life. While some Americans have spent themselves straight into poverty, others industriously aspire to conserve and save. But is frugality a doctrine that can actually serve as a death warrant in a credit based society? The End of Credit Card Consumerism U.S. News and World Report [...]

The first steps to wealth accumulation blossomed when I was five years old. “Daddy?” I inquired as my tiny fist wrapped around the sleek shiny morsels placed in my palm. “What would happen if I save all these and never ever EVER spent a penny of it?” My father’s eyes crinkled in amusement as his mouth [...]

When my gym membership came up for renewal this summer, I realized I was missing out on a lot of opportunities to exercise simply because it was difficult to squish a good hour-long session into my hectic schedule early enough before the gym closed. I love the atmosphere at the gym; all the various cardio [...]

A Sad Legacy for the American Taxpayer Bush Aides Project Record $482 Billion 2009 Deficit Being the incredible insomniac I tend to be, I was snuggled in bed last night flipping through various channels when I came across a late night re-run of Glenn Beck interviewing Congressman Dr. Ron Paul on CNN. I found the [...]

Credit card comparison shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle, instead let it be a breeze! Credit cards can be an invaluable tool when utilized responsibly, and cash back credit cards offer a great incentive to use credit for small daily purchases as long as a balance isn’t maintained on the card from month to [...]

The FDIC Deposit Insurance fund is “a myth,” according to longtime banking consultant Bert Ely, and consumers may end up paying the price of what is expected to be a growing wave of bank failures. Concerns Mount About FDIC Deposit Fund Global Financial Newswires July 18, 2008 NYU Economics Professor Nouriel Roubini predicts that Congress will [...]

All right, so maybe we aren’t all experts in the financial arena yet but we do share propinquity in a collective passion for personal finances. Find out what happens when a group of 20-somethings get together and start writing about money, life and college. Introducing The College Money Network, a group of personal finance sites [...]

Shelter Your Financial Savings and Eliminate Exposure to Risk I pulled the bulk of my money out of my savings account months ago when interest rates started plummeting. My goal right now is actually two-fold; to preserve my current savings through diversification (such as foreign currency and commodity investments), and to aggressively pay down my [...]

The dirty little secret everyone in Washington knows – “We suffer from a fiscal cancer.” David Walker, the nation’s top accountant and former comptroller general of the United States, is a highly respected public figure who has run the Government Accountability Office. (The GAO audits the government’s books and serves as the investigative arm of [...]

A financial update. Oh baby, how far we’ve come While rummaging through some older posts here on Broke-Ass, I stumbled across a lot of stuff I’d forgotten about. A post from last year showed how I’d gone from $0 in savings in January 2007 to $1,000 in savings four months later (see Surviving Paycheck to Paycheck? You [...]

In The Current Turbulent Economy and Financial Sectors, What Gives? I’ve become somewhat of a CNBC junkie lately, which has resulted in some pretty bizarre sleeping patterns. It’s not unusual to catch me propped up on my pillows at 4am, munching on some Cheerios and sneaking in an hour or two of ”Worldwide Exchange”. Month after month I’ve held my breath [...]

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