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Understanding the Relationship between Gold Performance and Crises Gold is one of the markets that traders have access to when spread betting, and it is important to comprehend the role of the precious metal in the economy and what influences its prices. Financial experts consider gold a haven because some characteristics make it a more [...]

Parents Gift to their Children Parents have an important role in teaching their children about money. There is nothing wrong with actually asking a youngster to do a little chore to earn his or her allowance. Later why not teach them the idea of saving a little each week until they have enough to buy [...]

Should You Move Off Campus? If you attend a college that has student housing, you might have considered the possibility of moving off campus to escape the rigors of dorm life. Plus, the average college room and board could cost you $10,000 per year, so it might seem a great way to reduce your tuition [...]

Finances are an interesting conundrum. In order to eventually reach financial prosperity, one must (ironically) consciously focus a great deal of energy and efforts on their finances in the beginning of their journey through frugality, savings and investing. Doing so wisely allows one greater financial freedom that they desire for the future. I thought it [...]

I wake early and head over to the desktop to flip the power switch. Yawning, I hear the computer hum to life as I shuffle over to the next room to perform the usual foraging ritual for breakfast. Thump around a bit through the cupboards, grab a handful of cereal from the box (there’s no [...]

[This is a guest post by Elisabeth Chan, who runs Creditnet.com and holds a B.S. degree from BYU’s Marriott School of Management. Creditnet is a free resource for anyone who wants to learn more about credit. At Creditnet.com, you can compare hundreds of the best credit cards online, such as student cards and 0% interest [...]

A position opened in my department last month — a part time gig slightly above blue-light special wages with no benefits — and my supervisor was inundated with and shocked by the quality of applicants. A large portion held masters degrees and there were even a few Ph.D. graduates applying. As my supervisor scanned through [...]

Just plopped down another $1,200 $1,300 on my debt. Jesus. My whole flimsy paycheck, now exhausted. But there is still one payment remaining before the diabolical debt beast — this whole heaping $15,000+ monstrosity — will be vanquished indefinitely. Adios, you bastard. So for now; one more month of subsisting on Cheerios, Ramen noodles and [...]

This is a guest post by Mr Credit Card from www.askmrcreditcard.com. Mr Credit Card writes about credit card reviews, debt and other money stuff. His site has lots of credit card offers and he has even compiled a best credit card offers section. Recently he interviewed me about my debt reduction effort (I’m almost there [...]

I know I’ve stepped away from this site for a while but honestly have been feeling extremely drained and frustrated lately. It’s infuriating to see so many average Americans struggling financially and my heart really goes out to those who have lost their jobs recently. My Aunt received a phone call on the way home [...]

That time of year has arrived where Uncle Sam determines how much of my earnings will be restored back into my eager little paws. I took a certified tax preparation course last year and am getting pretty decent at completing these buggers. After helping friends and family file these past few weeks, I’m officially taxed [...]

Hah. I have no idea where these originated from but I found them tucked in my mailbox and they were too cute not to share.  Enjoy these sassy new corporate logos for 2009. ~¤~¤~ =^..^=

I received my loan statement yesterday and my debt, which was at a hair-raising $20,000, has shriveled to a more demure $5,400. I can almost feel languorous freedom again – it’s sooo close! But my debt-free journey is far from over. Here are some simple tidbits which helped me enormously this past year. I stopped [...]

Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary-designate and president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, polishes his position within the á la mode Obama bureaucracy. =^..^=

Recently when I met with an old friend over lunch, the subject of our floundering economy inevitably weaved into our conversation. My friend works as a legal aide and felt her company was pretty secure. Yet over fragrant sips of ginger and spicy Chai, it was her parent’s business she was most interested in discussing. [...]

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