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True wealth accumulation dismantles the philosophy of, “let’s forget about tomorrow only to live for today“ Are you still frittering money away on purchases through credit cards by paying for ‘stuff’ with future earnings? Does the thought of savings (or lack thereof) still leave you squirming and feeling uneasy? Isn’t it time to break free from restrictive habits and [...]

Preserve your rights against debt collectors to make sure you’re being treated fairly If you’ve been contacted by a collection agency, don’t be afraid, feel ashamed, or become nervous. Remain firm and stand your ground. Never allow yourself to feel manipulated or bullied. You will never, ever go to jail for not paying a debt. Take a deep breath, [...]

My broke-ass is being sued. I apologize for being away from this blog the past week, but things have taken an unexpected turn. Last Wednesday, out of nowhere, I received a notice in the mail that Mr. Scumbag lawyer was authorized to commence a lawsuit against me on behalf of a federal bank for an [...]

I just read an article over at Violent Acres that resonated strongly with me. It’s an excellent read that illustrates the madness of what debt can do, and the sobering reality of how it affects everyone regardless of stature. It’s a two-part provocative story and definitely worth heading over for a look. Go take a [...]

Accepting debt and learning how to conquer it One day it dawned on me that I was in some pretty nasty debt due to a car and student loan- to the tune of over $15,000. I also began to realize that I wouldn’t achieve true financial stability or spiritual peace of mind until I was [...]

Baby step #6 – Use a ‘save first and buy later’ approach to avoid spending money you don’t have Are you struggling paycheck to paycheck and there never seems to be enough money at the end of each month, like I was? Is it a constant struggle to make your bill payments on time? Do [...]

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