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Archive for June, 2009

Another storm rolled through last night except this one only dropped meek dustings of rain. I’m waaay overtired. Why is it whenever my body politely requests sleep, my mind jerks awake? I’ve just finished a late shift at work and am now happily playing couch potato/ dipping the final glob of chicken from my Lean [...]

Rubbing tired, weary eyes; we’ve prevailed through another storm. These savage bursts of lightning are losing their dreamy luster and the anguish flashes in my little pup’s eyes as he pointedly informs me he’d rather snooze in the basement tonight. I sigh and take the last sip from a mug of tea, savoring the sharp [...]

I know I’ve stepped away from this site for a while but honestly have been feeling extremely drained and frustrated lately. It’s infuriating to see so many average Americans struggling financially and my heart really goes out to those who have lost their jobs recently. My Aunt received a phone call on the way home [...]