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Talk about feeling like an intense snow bunny again. We’re getting quite an accumulation in western New York. Well, at least this blustery weather gives me the perfect excuse to cancel my evening activities and catch up on some cleaning. There’s only so much kitten fur a girl can take. I’ve cracked out the vacuum [...]

Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary-designate and president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, polishes his position within the á la mode Obama bureaucracy. =^..^=

Recently when I met with an old friend over lunch, the subject of our floundering economy inevitably weaved into our conversation. My friend works as a legal aide and felt her company was pretty secure. Yet over fragrant sips of ginger and spicy Chai, it was her parent’s business she was most interested in discussing. [...]

Almost! I’m still grappling with this cold from hell. One day I feel fine and on the road to recovery – until the usual stuffiness and feverishness settles in again at night and wishes me a hearty ‘harro!’ Whatever this bugger is, it sure is clingy! On top of everything, work has been extremely hectic. [...]

This morning I was greeted with a viselike grip around my throat and a stuffy nose. Ugh. And last night I woke up multiple times feeling flushed and delirious. I hate being sick :’( Snuggled in a checkered fleece blanket, I heated up the tea kettle and sniffled my way over to the sofa for [...]

This year I’ve decided to try a different approach by forgoing resolutions and instead creating mini-projects scattered throughout the year. My first mini-task presented itself with screaming clarity when I opened up my closet last night. How had I managed to squeeze so much crap in such a tiny area?? I poked my head into [...]

The Bank of England will be able to print extra money without having legally to declare it under new plans which will heighten fears that the Government will secretly pump extra cash into the economy. Wow, this seems quite relevant while we’re on the topic of hyperinflation so what exactly is going on here? An [...]

Zimbabwe’s central bank will introduce a $50 billion note — enough to buy just two loaves of bread — as a way of fighting cash shortages amid spiraling inflation. Zimbabwe’s dollar is virtually worthless, with foreign currency now being used to purchase basic items. The country’s acting finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa, made the announcement in [...]

Work has been kicking my butt hardcore so I haven’t found time to post a financial update lately – although if you check my right sidebar, I’m down to $5,900 in distress debt – that’s $5,100 knocked off in the past six months. Yay me!! Some Tidbits From Around the Web The 2009 Carnival of [...]

Do you faithfully pay your bills on time every month and never exceed your credit limit? You could still potentially be flagged as a credit risk and have your limit lowered based on criteria beyond your control. I stumbled across this article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution which reflects how rapidly rules can change in the [...]

During the conclusion of an outlandish year, it seemed appropriate to escort in the New Year with a leap second, added to atomic clocks worldwide at 23:59:60 to compensate for slowing in the Earth’s rotation and prolonging 2008 for a precious moment longer – which you may not be aware of if you’re just waking [...]