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A Sad Legacy for the American Taxpayer Bush Aides Project Record $482 Billion 2009 Deficit Being the incredible insomniac I tend to be, I was snuggled in bed last night flipping through various channels when I came across a late night re-run of Glenn Beck interviewing Congressman Dr. Ron Paul on CNN. I found the [...]

In the midst of ‘a tsunami of voluntary housing defaults’, Dr. Roubini fears a disastrous new trend “could have most of the U.S. banking system wiped out.” The damage of people who are now willingly walking away from their mortgages could be over one trillion dollars – when the entire balance of the U.S. banking [...]

Credit card comparison shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle, instead let it be a breeze! Credit cards can be an invaluable tool when utilized responsibly, and cash back credit cards offer a great incentive to use credit for small daily purchases as long as a balance isn’t maintained on the card from month to [...]

Sunday Snoozin’

It’s a lazy snoozin’ Sunday, as well as time to spread some link love! Here are some features this week from The College Money Network: This Writer’s Wallet shares her view on why job hunting and dating both stink, a premise I can certainly sympathize with! Stephanie at Poorer Than You proudly shows off her new [...]

It pays to put your best face forward … … ‘cause no one enjoys a sour puss! Have you ever encountered those poor souls who always seem miserable and glide through life with a perpetual scowl frozen in place? Life is hard and boy do their wretched and sourful expressions never neglect to reflect it! One [...]

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone into my Google Analytics account, and actually I forgot I even had one until I came across this old post by Matt, where he shared the 10 Most Bizarre Searches that brought people to his site last year. Discursive Monologue by the way is a fantastic financial blog and [...]

The FDIC Deposit Insurance fund is “a myth,” according to longtime banking consultant Bert Ely, and consumers may end up paying the price of what is expected to be a growing wave of bank failures. Concerns Mount About FDIC Deposit Fund Global Financial Newswires July 18, 2008 NYU Economics Professor Nouriel Roubini predicts that Congress will [...]

All right, so maybe we aren’t all experts in the financial arena yet but we do share propinquity in a collective passion for personal finances. Find out what happens when a group of 20-somethings get together and start writing about money, life and college. Introducing The College Money Network, a group of personal finance sites [...]

Shelter Your Financial Savings and Eliminate Exposure to Risk I pulled the bulk of my money out of my savings account months ago when interest rates started plummeting. My goal right now is actually two-fold; to preserve my current savings through diversification (such as foreign currency and commodity investments), and to aggressively pay down my [...]

How resourceful Americans kept it rational during World War II Enormous sacrifices were required during the onset of World War II, as the American government conserved resources through the enactment of the Food Rationing Program of 1942, a regulation which affected Americans for over three years and limited the amount of commodities a consumer was allowed [...]

I’ll be testing and manipulating some different website themes throughout the next few days. If you experience funky design or broken sidebars, don’t worry – the site’s not broken, I swear! Since I’m a coding newbie, I’ll be using some crazy neon hues to help me locate different parts of the CSS stylesheet. From there I’ll go ahead and start tweaking the code. [...]

One of my goals this year has been to gradually move away from heavily processed fast food and toward more quality nutrition. This was certainly not easy since I’m usually pretty helpless in the kitchen – just ask my boyfriend who watched in horror as I nearly took my finger out of commission while trying to crack open a dinner roll. But [...]

A bizarre Stonehedge-esque granite monument built on a fertile Georgian hill heralds the conservation of mankind, yet this mysterious artifact remains virtually unknown A friend of mine recently returned from the state of Georgia brimming with all his crazy backpacking adventures on the road and, as he rattled off various traveling experiences, one in particular was so bizarre that [...]