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Archive for July, 2007

To move forward in your quest for wealth, you need to establish a clear financial picture Is one of your aspirations to have complete control and power over your finances? Are you ready to reign in frivolous spending and not allow hard earned money to continuously be sucked into a spiraling black abyss? Here is a [...]

Taking Inventory of My Finances This week I’ve decided to set aside a bit of contemplative time and quietly review my financial situation.  Every few months I sporadically enjoy kicking my feet up at a coffee house, with my trusty notepad in tow, to scribble an overview of whether or not my financial priorities are being established and my goals are being [...]

Millionaire Mommy Next Door poses an excellent question of Can Money Make You Happy? on her personal blog today. Here is my response to her. Hi Mommy Millionaire! There can be a deep correlation between happiness and money. Money has the potential to make us happy through the freedom it provides. It can extend our impact on [...]

Broke-Ass Student is honored to host the 108th Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. With over 68 submissions this week, there should be enough reading material included to make your eyes bleed. The following articles are some of my favorites from this week’s batch of submissions. † †  ¤ Think Like The Rich delivers a potent example [...]

A Continuation Of My Struggle Battling Alleged Credit Card Debt The beginning of this story can be found at Broke-Ass Student Just Got A Whole Lot Broker with a bristled rebuttal at How To Fight Back Against Collection Agencies. I squinted at the words scrawled across the pages through the dim light, entirely absorbed in my reading, when suddenly loud [...]