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Archive for June, 2007

A coding genius, I shall never be. This past week I’ve been focusing on some technical aspects of Broke-Ass Student. Shamefully, I’ve completely neglected my html and coding studies these past few months, and decided to take some time brushing up on some basics. Nik Agarwal at The Air has also been kind enough to offer his assistance with heftier [...]

Here’s Your Opportunity to Run Away With Some Fat Loot There is some love being circulated through the Blogosphere right now. Ms.Danielle is giving away a 30GB Microsoft Zune to one lucky reader (a $250 value). Check out her new blog site for online marketing tips and other zany topics. One of my favorite articles? [...]

Believe it or not, your blossoming network is sitting right under your nose. In my last article, I reiterated the importance of enriching your life through networking and giving. But how does one go about assembling and sustaining a kick ass network? The opportunity for meeting new people literally surrounds us every day. First and foremost, we need to be receptive [...]

It’s a secret that most self-made millionaires all ready know. In fact, no successful person ever clawed their way to the top alone. So what is the elusive secret to their abundant success? Remember, truth is almost always simple. And you may be surprised to learn how simple their secret really is. It’s a concept that can benefit [...]

True wealth accumulation dismantles the philosophy of, “let’s forget about tomorrow only to live for today“ Are you still frittering money away on purchases through credit cards by paying for ‘stuff’ with future earnings? Does the thought of savings (or lack thereof) still leave you squirming and feeling uneasy? Isn’t it time to break free from restrictive habits and [...]