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Archive for February, 2007

Tonight I was rummaging through my archives and extracted some posts that were loads of fun to write. Here is a small compilation of what this broke-ass student has been up to for the past three months. My lovely ‘I’m Being Sued’ debacle (I still have yet to hear back from the law firm again, go figure) A bristled rebuttal to [...]

Motivation For Blogging John Wesley at Pick the Brain has tagged me to answer the question of, why do I blog? Here’s my response. My primary motivation for blogging probably stems from my insatiable curiousity. I latch onto a topic of interest and then I’m bursting with the desire to share some of the knowledge [...]

I’ve taken the day off from writing about personal financing to explore some rather … peculiar occurrences resonating from the camp of one of my favorite artists, Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor foreshadows a chilling futuristic reality via a series of bizarre web link communications with his fans Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor braces for the release [...]

Dreamhost is in the process of rectifying problems with their servers after a building power outage. As a result, portions of this site have been randomly crashing and unavailable since early yesterday evening.  I’m about to head to sleep. Hopefully the good folks over at Dreamhost will resolve these issues to some sort of stability by the time I awake. [...]

Here are current rates of some online savings accounts, as of February 24, 2007. iGObanking 5.30% APY ($1 to open, no minimum, no fees, FDIC insured, compounded daily) Grandyielddirect 5.27% APY ($1 to open, no minimum fees, FDIC insured, compounded daily) E*Trade 5.05% APY ($1 to open, no minimum, no fees, FDIC insured, compounded daily) [...]

Strategic Planning and Foresight Can Go A Long Way Although I’m currently burdened with car and student loans, this year I’ve decided to juggle my income between paying off my debts, saving for myself and investing toward the future. Therefore my financial goals for 2007 are to establish a small emergency savings and begin funding [...]

Preserve your rights against debt collectors to make sure you’re being treated fairly If you’ve been contacted by a collection agency, don’t be afraid, feel ashamed, or become nervous. Remain firm and stand your ground. Never allow yourself to feel manipulated or bullied. You will never, ever go to jail for not paying a debt. Take a deep breath, [...]

Oh … my … lord … *collapses in an exhausted heap* Who would have known coding would be such a bugger? I’ve been struggling with broken templates, broken aboutme widgets, broken adsense deluxe addons for the better part of the day, incomplete posts being hacked away at the knees for no apparent reason. Argh!! The [...]

When Insomnia Strikes

… I provide you with some really bizarre linkage! Enjoy. Don’t like to swallow drugs?…Now you can “smoke” them! Ooh, trippy. Learn the fine art of getting bumped off a flight and collect some yummy vouchers in the process. The newest rage in hair treatment incorporates bull semen. Nothing like developing that sexy shine, ladies! [...]

Hi guys, it’s about that time I’ve been anxiously anticipating. Broke-Ass Student will be moving to her new home this weekend. I want to have this project completed as soon as possible. If anyone has experience with building a website/webhosting/domain transferring – I’d love to hear from you! I’m still computer illiterate and kind of [...]