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Archive for January, 2007

Financial Resources Today I set aside the earlier bulk of the afternoon to take a field trip to my library and stock up on reading material. Here are some of the treasures I extracted. Currently Reading: “Smart Women Finish Rich” by David Bach “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason “The Millionaire Mind” [...]

Popular Science has released six of the freakiest ideas in science. Cue the bearded woman and step right up to behold a freak show of awry proportions! Meet a re-animated undead virus that is resurrected after nine decades – after having caused over 50 million fatalities worldwide Zombie soldiers who rarely sleep by stuffing down [...]

Baby step #12 – Concentrate refocusing energy on current blessings and wealth, as opposed to breeding negativity by focusing on what you believe you lack. When one continually feels a certain way, they believe it and consequently create a reality for themselves. I can’t do it. It’s too difficult. I’m not sure. I’ll never be [...]

Global Warming Dire A bleak future for our planet is being direly warned. Global warming is much more serious than previously predicted – research now shows that tragic devastation that once was predicted as ‘likely’ to occur is now ‘almost certain’ to occur this century, The Guardian reports. A new report by the Intergovernmental Panel [...]

Here are current rates of some online savings accounts, as of January 23, 2007. iGObanking    5.30% APY ($1 to open, no minimum, no fees, FDIC insured, compounded daily) Grandyielddirect 5.27% APY ($1 to open, no minimum fees, FDIC insured, compounded daily) E*Trade    5.05% APY ($1 to open, no minimum, no fees, FDIC insured, [...]

Some thoughts from Stevers at the Stever Robbins Company: “A Fable that Starts True: Extraordinary People Producing Ordinary Results A young man—college student—with a goatee and headphones sat across from me on the subway. Hunched over a book, he was wearing cargo pants, a T-shirt, several bracelets, and many necklaces. The knapsack in his lap [...]

Acquiring Wealth I dug up a wonderfully informative but compact two-page article about beginner wealth from young Joshua Kennon over at About.com. I regularly devour anything on financing I can get my little paws on, and this was a delectable read. To learn how to accumulate wealth by shifting mentality and through careful strategic maneuvers, [...]

Millionaire Student Produces New Idea Clever and wiley Englishman Alex Tew is at it again. Famed for his brilliantly simple Million Dollar Homepage experiment, which made him a bonafide millionaire at 21 while struggling with the cost of college, Alex is now brainstorming new schemes to generate wealth. He has recently introduced Pixelotto and this [...]

Corruption of Wealth Destroys Family I read a shocking article at the Washington Post last night called “Rich Man, Poor Man”, about West Virginian Jack Whittaker’s $314 million Powerball jackpot win on Christmas 2002. Apparently this month, Jack is claiming he has now lost the bulk of his fortune to thieves. What really creeped me [...]

My broke-ass is being sued. I apologize for being away from this blog the past week, but things have taken an unexpected turn. Last Wednesday, out of nowhere, I received a notice in the mail that Mr. Scumbag lawyer was authorized to commence a lawsuit against me on behalf of a federal bank for an [...]

Small progressions yield hefty results A new year descends upon us with a fresh and invigorating beginning, and we all know we keep meaning to do better with our finances. It’s one of those things which constantly seem to be placed on the backburner as life continually whisks us from one unforeseen circumstance to another. [...]

Happy New Year, everyone. I’m working on an article for tomorrow on small ways to help improve personal finances. I didn’t want to publish the article prematurely so I decided to reflect on ambitions for the coming year. Here are some current goals that have been a work in progress for months now, so none [...]