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Here are current rates of some online savings accounts, as of December 29, 2006. iGObanking    5.30% APY ($1 to open, no minimum, no fees, FDIC insured) E*Trade    5.05% APY ($1 to open, no minimum, no fees, FDIC insured, compounded daily) EmigrantDirect    5.05% APY ($1 to open, no minimum, no fees, FDIC insured, [...]

I hope everyone had an awsome holiday. I’m ready to hibernate for a few weeks due to the enormous amount of food I’ve consumed during the past three days. There have been so many different blessings in my life this year and so much to truly be grateful for. And as we settle back into [...]

John Chow, who? But more importantly, why should we care about this crazy Canadian? As a complete newbie to the blogging hemisphere (Broke-Ass Student has just joyfully celebrated her one month birthday), well, I hadn’t a clue. Err…I honestly can’t even recall how I stumbled across JohnChow.com a few weeks ago, except for a vague [...]

“Oh, burp, my tummy’s nice and full!” (aka, what your piggy bank should be saying this New Years) Darren Rowse is sponsoring a massive writing project over at ProBlogger in celebration of the coming New Year. Go check it out to win over $2,000 in various cool prizes (all winners are chosen at random simply [...]

Saved money is a smarter approach to your goals than earned money Living frugally means attempting to save money where you can, rather than blowing your earnings faster than your bank account can absorb it. Frugality sometimes has a bad stigma attached to it, and some people mistakenly perceive frugalness with just being a plain [...]

Manifest Your Destiny Starting Now Baby Step #9 – If you dream it and believe it, you can conceive it and achieve it. A gentleman named Alex IMed me a few questions pertaining to inspirational Dream Coach Marcia Wieder. I’m not too familiar with her work, but I do know that David Bach, author of [...]

During a high-stress week of final exams, I stumbled across this video last night and couldn’t help but laugh. Only in Copenhagen. The Danish Road Safety Council has found an innovative new way to draw attention to speed signs and speed limits in Denmark. According to the campaign, “Despite a decrease in speed violations, 7 [...]

Learn the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Bank Savings Accounts Here’s a look at some nifty Online Savings Accounts and their Current Rates as of December 10, 2006 iGObanking    5.30% APY ($1 to open, no minimum, no fees, FDIC insured, compounded daily) E*Trade    5.05% APY ($1 to open, no minimum, no fees, FDIC [...]

Steve over at Adventure Money is calling me out. I now have to reveal five secret tidbits about myself. Here you are, Steve. I am absolutely brilliant at multi-tasking procrastinating. Currently I am writing pondering a ten-page research paper while baking eating chocolate chip cookies for an upcoming Christmas party. I got roped into baking [...]

Nonsensical musings on the spiritual laws that gravitate around my finances “There is no statement so absurd that no philosopher will make it” – Cicero Money is a necessity. It’s something we spend many long hours working hard for. To accumulate a mass amount of wealth by the end of our lives somehow signifies a [...]

I just read an article over at Violent Acres that resonated strongly with me. It’s an excellent read that illustrates the madness of what debt can do, and the sobering reality of how it affects everyone regardless of stature. It’s a two-part provocative story and definitely worth heading over for a look. Go take a [...]

Accepting debt and learning how to conquer it One day it dawned on me that I was in some pretty nasty debt due to a car and student loan- to the tune of over $15,000. I also began to realize that I wouldn’t achieve true financial stability or spiritual peace of mind until I was [...]

Baby step #6 – Use a ‘save first and buy later’ approach to avoid spending money you don’t have Are you struggling paycheck to paycheck and there never seems to be enough money at the end of each month, like I was? Is it a constant struggle to make your bill payments on time? Do [...]

Baby  Step #5 – Simple techniques can go a long way in improving overall happiness. It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Recent research is challenging the notion that attaining happiness is a futile pursuit.  In fact, some relatively simple steps have resulted in excellent long-term results and decreased depressive qualities. Here’s a quick  snippet; "Happiness [...]