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Archive for November, 2006

A Look At Student Life

University students reveal their plans for work, travel, graduate study and marriage

It’s a period of high stress as the fall semester rattles to an end and finals loom ominously closer. I felt it would be interesting to capture a glimpse of what some seniors were planning after graduation. I set out to interview sixteen university students across the nation to pose questions regarding plans for work, travel, continued education and marriage.

How simple and compounding interest impacts your wealth

Do you remember tuning out in business class when your teacher was giving you the basic information on how interest rates affect our loans and investments? Now it’s time to re-evaluate what we’ve all ready learned but failed to truly appreciate because we were pre-occupied with calculating our Friday night soiree instead of our math equations. Let’s revisit some basics to learn small ways on how to let our money work for us, starting with a look at simple interest.

I’m about to head out and help my family with their dinner preparations, but I thought I would leave this pondering thought with you all. Baby Step #3 – Receiving grants are a great way to start the holiday! My university grants for this semester have finally arrived in the mail. There is nothing quite [...]

Financing and philosophical inquiry, complementary forces? Baby Step #2 – “A penny saved is a penny earned” It occurred to me today how callously my former self would toss a penny on the ground without giving it another thought. Currently I’m in a mass-cleaning mission to clear away unwanted clutter, and I’ve been truly amazed [...]

Baby Step #1 – Removing the useless clutter from my life I have to admit, I am notorious for being a huge packrat. I’ve decided to take advantage of my days off from classes this week. My primary goal before Turkey Day is to go through my home and remove all the useless clutter that [...]